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Bonito-Bold, Beautiful, and Breathtaking

August 1, 2011 by Michael Eiseman divider image
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Bonito is the largest wetland area in the world with the highest concentration of wildlife in the Americas. Known as an ecological paradise, Bonito has an incredible mix of ecosystems (fields, wetlands and forests) and offers some of the most fascinating tours in Brazil.

Bonito, the name given to this spectacular area, means beautiful in Portuguese and certainly doesn’t do this exotic destination justice. Couples may enjoy caverns with deep azure lakes, incredibly clear rivers that work as natural aquariums, and hundreds of gorgeous waterfalls.

During the year there is a seasonal change of the water level. This flooding and drying of the land has dictated the life and habits of the animals in the area and produced an inland paradise with an unforgettable spectacle of sounds and colors.

3 stages exist. First, the rainy season from December to March. Here, mammals seek refuge on the higher grounds with tall trees known as “Cordilheiras”. This is known as the nesting time for many species of birds. Second, the intermediary season from April to June. During this time the water level starts to recede and fish become trapped in ponds and lakes attracting thousands of birds. Third and last, the dry season from July to November. This is the best time for wild life observation. The dry fields make good grazing areas and starting in August the trees begin to bloom.

So when is the best time to visit the Pantanal? The contrast of the seasons makes it attractive the whole year! Choose the season that best matches your interests.

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