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Pampas me in Luxury… Estancia El Rocio!

August 1, 2011 by Michael Eiseman divider image

Patrice Graviere’s long romance with Argentina goes back to when he was two years old, only a young child arriving in Buenos Aires from his native France. This romance has continued to this very day. During most of his childhood he watched Argentina’s top polo players like Dorignac, Alberdi, Harriot and Heguy at the Tortugas Country Club, the Hurlingham Club and Palermo. It is Patrice’s fascination with Polo and the Argentine Pampas what probably drove him to find a perfect setting to build his dream house. The dusty roads of La Pampa led Patrice to the old cottage in San Miguel, which would years later become Estancia El Rocío. It was the wide variety of birds that flew into the area (San Miguel is perfect for bird watching) and the wonderful trees that surround the colonial cottage that drove Patrice to buy the place.

The original structure of the cottage was impossible to rebuild so Patrice decided to pull it down and use its bricks for the new house that would have all the facilities and comforts he was used to. Patrice’s wife, Macarena Llambí who has a long history in fashion next to the world’s biggest brands like Hermés, was responsible for every detail of the decoration. Macarena personally chose each of the objects and trained the staff to offer an impeccable personalized service to their demanding international guests.Each corner of the house is finely decorated with exclusive pieces Macarena has collected in each of their trips and the colors of the walls were inspired by all the colors of the Argentine Pampas. Yellows and oranges resembling unforgettable sunsets and the bright greens of the surrounding trees are all present in each room welcoming the guests.Macarena is El Rocío’s Hotel Manager and as such, she is personally responsible for every detail including the food and the decoration of the place. Guests unanimously decide that Macarena is the perfect host. She has carefully selected everything from the whitest linens to the Spanish China at the table and the unbelievable flavors of every dish and the best wines to go with them. Every moment at Estancia El Rocío is a special one, made to be enjoyed in the relaxing atmosphere created by the surrounding pampas.

The estancia has a total of 5 rooms available (2 suites, 2 twin, 1 loft).

Estancia El Rocío is any polo lover’s dream. Patrice personally chose the perfect setting for the polo field and stables, landscaping the surrounding grounds to embrace the true feel of the Argentine Pampas whether one rides on horseback or just walks around the estancia. At Estancia El Rocío Polo Clinics are organized by professional polo players who focus on participants learning through a very practical teaching style for both beginners and more advanced players. Classes are planned according to players’ levels and may include practice games between teams and according to guests’ timetables.

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