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Peru-A Culinary Odyssey

August 10, 2011 by Michael Eiseman divider image

It continues in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, which includes Andean food and Peruvian pisco, and then on to Machu Picchu. We cant forget about the special 5 course introduction to Novoandina in Cuzco and last but certainly not least, the trip closes in Lake Titicaca where guests may take a boat excursion to Taquile Island, or simply enjoy the magnificent views of the lake. For more details visit Satisfy your palate and enjoy this luxurious getaway!

VIP Tour Group takes you “full spoon ahead” into Peruvian cuisine, known not only for its exquisite taste, but also for its variety and ability to incorporate the influence from different times and cultures. Inca and Spanish cultures come together in Peru to heighten our five senses. Visiting the archaeological sites, historical monuments, and wonderful indigenous people will enlighten you. But something out of the ordinary that Peru has to offer is its magnificent food. Once relatively off of the culinary map, Peruvian cuisine is today on top of the food trend. Thanks to its amazing bio diversity, along with a melting pot of cultures, the country boasts a fusion of flavors and dishes. The Peruvian cuisine is an important expression of its own culture just as its music, ceramics, literature, and textiles. Thanks to Peru’s three regions and the ocean that borders it there is an abundance of markets that offer a variety of fresh ingredients that will satisfy not only the housewife but also the most sophisticated chefs of the world. The history of Peruvian cuisine dates back to the Incas and Pre-Incas who made extensive use of maize, potatoes and spices. Later, it was influenced by the arrival of the Spanish, who throughout the years incorporated the demands of the different groups living in the country – “mestizajes” – thus fusing Spanish with indigenous influences. Such groups included Chinese, European, African and Japanese immigrants.

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