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Brazil World Cup Posters – Which are your favorites?

July 11, 2013 by Michael Eiseman divider image

The official poster for the 2014 Brazil World Cup depicts two players going after the ball, the negative space forms the shape of Brazil. It was selected ahead of two others and was designed by a Brazilian creative agency named Crama, according to the official statement by FIFA.

“The poster is a great example of Brazil’s creative excellence. The winning entry will no doubt serve as a splendid visiting card for the 2014 FIFA World Cup, that is due to kick off in 498 days” explained Jérôme Valcke, who was part of a high-profile judging panel also made up of Brazilian Minister of Culture Marta Suplicy, LOC President Jose Maria Marin, Brazilian artist Romero Britto as well as LOC Board of Administration members Ronaldo and Bebeto.

Here is the images and below descriptions of each host city poster.

Belo Horizonte

“Our poster depicts the silhouette of the Church of São Francisco de Assis, which is brought to life by the overlapping pentagons which define the ball’s shape. It portrays the balance of nature and art and the celebratory welcome that athletes and football lovers all over the world will receive when they come to Belo Horizonte.”


“The background image represents the Cathedral of Brasília, an architectural icon known throughout the world, with the immense blue sky, “the sea of Brasilia’, above it.”


“The Cuiaba poster uses bright colours to depict the joy the event brings and the gaiety of the Cuiabanos (as the locals are called), and features football through the image of the ball at the player’s foot. The ball’s movement and shapes surrounding it recall the coming together of people and their enthusiasm for the sport, especially of the ‘Pantaneira’ fans.”


“The poster chosen by the inhabitants to represent Curitiba for the 2014 FIFA World Cupâ„¢ features the image of a Brazilian pine tree (Araucaria). Known in Brazil as “Pinheiro do Paraná” (Paraná pine tree), this type of tree covered much of the land around Curitiba before the city’s foundation in the 17th century.”


“The textures and strokes used recall a modern city, yet a city that does not forget its traditions, making Fortaleza one of the most visited places in Brazil. The joy of hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazilâ„¢ is accompanied by a burst of euphoria, culture and beauty that spreads from the stands of the Castelão Arena throughout Fortaleza in a mix of vibrant colours moving like ocean waves and rays of sunshine, lighting up the city known as ‘The Land of Light’.”


“The poster of Host City Manaus depicts a unique feature: here, in the heart of the world´s largest rainforest, we are all fans of nature. We cheer for great players, for memorable matches, for breathtaking goals. And we also come together to cheer for nature itself. After all, we are all in the same team.”


“The silhouette of a man with outstretched arms on the poster surrounded by the colours of our flags symbolise our country’s welcoming of the biggest football event on the planet and the opportunities of economic growth, employment and cultural exchange that usually go hand in hand with the FIFA World Cupâ„¢.”

Porto Alegre

“The central image of the footballer kicking the ball and the explosion of this movement point not only to the greatness of the FIFA World Cupâ„¢ but also to the whole legacy generated by it, such as cultural enrichment, technological and structural development, and economic wealth, which are represented by the coloured stripes highlighting the movement of the foot. The people on the left of the poster stand for the enthusiasm and the passion that Porto-alegrenses, as the locals are known, have for football.”


“Recife’s Host City poster portrays the essence of a coastal city full of movement, art and joy. Frevo, a style of both music and dance, is Recife’s most authentic and characteristic cultural display. It first appeared in the city some 100 years ago and is today included on the list of Brazilian intangible cultural heritage.”

Rio De Janeiro

“The silhouette of the carefree footballer balancing a football on his neck forms a heart which symbolises the people’s deep love of football in Rio de Janeiro. Football is at the centre of their world, an idea which is conveyed by the depth achieved through the various layers. Each layer in turn stands for one aspect of Rio de Janeiro: the beach, the mountains, the Sugarloaf, the sea and the sky.”


“The poster shows a ball crossing the goal line and hitting the net, which is the final and most important goal of a football match. This could be in the stadium, with proper goalposts, or on any small football field, on the beach, or even in the streets, with imaginary goalposts made out of stones or shoes. It could be with a penalty kick, a bicycle kick, or even a scissors kick, but for a football match to be complete it needs to have a goal, and that’s how this poster turned out: it has history, it has beauty and it has a GOAL!”

Sao Paulo

“São Paulo’s poster for the 2014 FIFA World Cupâ„¢ portrays a bustling metropolis where thousands of people live, celebrate and breathe football together. Football is in the city’s blood, in its streets, its countless buildings, and in the air. The city has an infectious energy that connects everybody and makes the people of São Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, the world’s greatest fans.”

The World Cup is set to start on June 12, 2014 and will run for a month as countries compete for the 4-year title. Brazil was chosen as the host for the 20th World Cup in 2007 and has been preparing ever since.

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