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Update on the Rio 2016 Olympics Games

August 17, 2011 by Michael Eiseman divider image
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If the booming tourism in Australia and Spain is any indication of what the future holds for Rio after the 2016 Games, we can safely anticipate great numbers of tourists for years to come, however what factors are needed to assure or insure safety and social responsibility?

Before the voting in Copenhagen, many had felt Rio’s slums and high crime rates might have hindered its chances, according to Reuters. The Guardian reported that Rio’s governors are planning an $11bn injection into the country to make it Olympic-worthy. However, many hope the games will bring more lasting changes to the country than the 2007 Pan American Games. “Rio has many poor areas, hundreds of favelas, and we had hoped that, after the games, equipment, resources and sports projects would be redirected towards these areas,” the Guardian quoted Chico Alencar, a Brazilian MP. “This didn’t happen. The games ended and we went straight back to our routine of inequality and neglect.”

Michael Eiseman the founder of VIP Tour Group a leader in Luxury Travel to Brazil says… “The Olympics will have a much larger impact in Rio and Brazil then the Pan Am games. At the time, I chuckled at the ramp-up Pan Am games, knowing good and well our business would see no boost for this regional games and little infrastructure would be changed. It would be a temporary make-over while the cameras are on and then business as usual”. The Olympics is another level; the world will be watching and like the Brazilian soccer team before the cup final, Rio’s bid leaders and President Lula held hands in silent prayer before walking out to deliver a flawless and impassioned presentation to the IOC.

A bid official said Silva’s last words of encouragement were “let’s stay calm, and stick with our plan.” Brazil’s central bank governor reeled off some impressive statistics about an economy predicted to be the world’s fifth largest by 2016. The state governor pledged that taxes would not be raised to fund the games and played down the concerns about safety. Computer-generated bird’s eye images of how venues will spread across the city, with sailing in the shadow of Sugar Loaf Mountain and volleyball on Copacabana, provided the wow factor. And Lula delivered the knockout. “Among the top 10 economies of the world, Brazil is the only country that has not hosted the Olympic Games,” he said. “For the Olympic movement, it will be an opportunity to feel the warmth of our people, the exuberance of our culture, the sun of our joy and it will also be a chance to send a powerful message to the whole world: The Olympic Games belong to all peoples, to all continents and to all humanity.”

“This is by far the best thing that can happen to Rio for tourism, but not without huge challenges”, Eiseman added on a concluding note, “the reluctance to clean up the city’s woes Giuliani style in the past was frustrating, however with the eyes of the world watching, we will anticipate great change that we hope lasts well past the games”. Vip Tour Group and its Trade Association the Brazil Tour Operators Association are committed, with like-minded goals, to support Rio’s sustainable tourism initiatives to help Rio stay its course. We already support initiatives in Salvador, adding Rio to help at-risk children find goals past the favela’s negative influences will be a welcomed challenge for operators and Rio’s marvelous future.

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